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Reasons to purchase property in London

Posted by Birchills on 21/11/2022

Considering purchasing a new home? Looking to switch from countryside life to urban living? Why not take a closer look at London, the English capital? This article provides numerous reasons that make London a great place to purchase a home.

No matter if you are looking to buy in London for either investment purposes or want to buy somewhere for yourself, There are many benefits, from the vast history and culture to the ease of purchasing a London home.

London’s well-known for being a costly place to live, with the average cost to purchase a property in London is just over £690,000*. Whilst these prices are significantly higher than the UK’s average price, purchasing a residence in London has many pluses.

If London floats your boat or you are already a part of the community, getting in touch with conveyancing solicitors can help steer you through the property transaction procedure. But first, keep reading to discover why London is a fantastic place to buy a home.


History and Culture

London is one of the most culturally eclectic cities in the World, with citizens and visitors from around the globe speaking a myriad of languages. We can’t forget about the thousands of years of history within the city. From China Town to the National History Museum, there is much to see and do. If you love the hustle and bustle of the city and having plenty to do around you, no matter the time or day, London has so much to offer.



London is full of business opportunities, with a third of businesses based in the capital. So whether you want to set up your own enterprise or join an already established business as a worker, London is the location.

Living in a rural setting or a smaller city means the range of employment opportunities can sometimes be limited; however, with the sheer size of London and the vast number of companies within the city, there are always job openings available, most often across the board.


The London Job Market

Being a prominent and wealthy city, London has various job prospects. Due to its diverse economy, there are several opportunities in skilled sectors such as technology, finance and healthcare. There are also numerous jobs in retail, construction and transport.

If you’re currently seeking a job in London, there are plenty of job websites to take a look at that offer both professional and non-professional positions. This includes job boards such as Indeed, Reed and Gumtree. It’s also recommended that you sign up with a recruitment company, as many specialise in a specific field. This can help cut time and ensure you end up in your desired sector.

In London, workers are entitled to minimum wage. However, many companies pay employees the London Living Wage of £10.75 an hour.


Effortless Transport Across the City and Worldwide

Transportation couldn’t be more accessible in London, with the tube, buses, taxis, Uber, cycling, walking, etc, all available making travel within the city a breeze. We must also recognise how easy it is to travel to other countries, with London Heathrow airport, offering flights to practically anywhere in the World only a short 20-minute tube trip from central London. If you drive that’s great, but if you don’t it’s still a great city to call home, as driving is not essential at all.


Consider London for Your New Home

There are so many places you can pick to live in the UK. With the areas we cover offering some of the best options in city living whilst also having the benefits of multiple green open spaces and a best-of-both-worlds appeal, why not contact Birchills to see what’s available. Alternatively, why not check out our area guides to find the perfect spot for you. 

London has many positives, which is why around 9 million people live in this bustling city and enjoy what it offers.

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