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10 common mistakes first time buyers make

Posted by Birchills on 22/05/2024

Buying your first home is an exciting milestone, but it can also be a daunting process fraught with potential pitfalls. As a first-time homebuyer in the UK, it’s crucial to be aware of common mistakes to avoid to ensure a smooth and successful purchase. Here are ten common mistakes first-time homebuyers make and how you can avoid them.

Not Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

One of the biggest mistakes is starting your home search without a mortgage pre-approval. Pre-approval gives you a clear idea of your budget and shows sellers that you are a serious buyer. Without it, you might fall in love with a property only to find out you can’t afford it.

Birchills Top Tip: Speak to a mortgage advisor early in the process to get pre-approved and understand your borrowing capacity.


Overlooking Additional Costs

Many first-time buyers focus solely on the deposit and mortgage payments, forgetting about additional costs such as stamp duty, solicitor fees, surveys, and moving expenses. These can add up quickly and impact your budget.

Birchills Top Tip: Create a detailed budget that includes all potential expenses to avoid any financial surprises.


Not Researching the Area

Falling in love with a property is easy, but don’t forget to research the neighbourhood. Factors such as local amenities, transport links, and future development plans can significantly affect your quality of life and property value.

Birchills Top Tip: Spend time in the area, talk to locals, and check out local amenities before making a decision.


Skipping the Home Survey

Some buyers skip the home survey to save money. This can be a costly mistake if there are underlying issues with the property that only a survey would reveal. A survey can highlight structural problems, damp, or other issues that may require expensive repairs.

Birchills Top Tip: Always invest in a thorough home survey to ensure the property is in good condition and to avoid unexpected repair costs.


Being Led by Emotions

Buying a home is an emotional process, but letting emotions drive your decisions can lead to overpaying or overlooking serious issues with the property. Stay objective and stick to your budget and checklist.

Birchills’ Top Tip: Make a list of your must-haves and deal-breakers and evaluate each property objectively against this list.


Not Considering Future Needs

Your current needs might be different from your future ones. Failing to consider long-term plans, such as starting a family or needing more space, can result in outgrowing your home sooner than expected.

Birchills Top Tip: Think about your long-term goals and ensure the property can accommodate potential changes in your lifestyle.


Ignoring Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency can impact your monthly bills significantly. Properties with poor insulation, old boilers, or single-glazed windows can lead to high energy costs.

Birchills Top Tip: Check the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and consider the potential costs of making energy efficiency improvements.


Making Big Financial Changes Before Completion

Changing jobs, taking on new debt, or making large purchases before your mortgage is finalised can affect your approval. Lenders re-evaluate your finances before completion, and significant changes can jeopardise your loan.

Birchills Top Tip: Avoid making any major financial changes until your mortgage is completed.


Not Reading the Fine Print

Contracts can be long and filled with legal jargon, but reading and understanding everything you’re signing is crucial. Missing important clauses can lead to unfavourable terms and conditions.

Birchills Top Tip: Have a solicitor review all documents and explain anything you don’t understand before signing.


Rushing the Process

Buying a home is a significant commitment; rushing can lead to costly mistakes. Take your time to understand each step of the process, from viewing properties to finalising the mortgage.

Birchills Top Tip: Be patient, do thorough research, and don’t feel pressured to make quick decisions. It’s better to wait and find the right home than to rush and regret your purchase.


By being aware of and avoiding these common mistakes, you can navigate the home-buying process more confidently and successfully. Happy house hunting!


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