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About Me

I’ve had a dynamic career journey leading up to my current role at Birchills. With a passion for sales and a knack for forging meaningful client relationships, I’ve navigated through various industries, honing my skills in communication, negotiation, and strategic thinking. My journey culminates here at Birchills, where I’m eager to contribute my expertise to our Clients

Current Role and Responsibilities:

As a Sales Manager at Birchills, I’m responsible for overseeing sales strategies, fostering client relationships, driving new business growth, negotiations, and ensuring the smooth operation of our sales team. I thrive on the challenges of meeting targets, guiding the team to success, and continuously improving our approach to sales and customer satisfaction.

What I Enjoy About Birchills:

What excites me most about Birchills is the dynamic environment and the opportunity to make a real impact. I appreciate the company’s commitment to innovation, excellence and providing outstanding customer service. It’s great to work with a team of talented individuals who share my dedication to achieving brilliance for all of our clients.

Favorite Movie/TV Series:

Picking just one is tough, but if I had to choose, I’d say “The Shawshank Redemption” tops my list for its timeless story of resilience and redemption.

Hobbies Outside of Work:

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring the great city that we live in primarily finding new cafes & restaurants. Owning a beautiful little cavapoo means I regularly get out to enjoy all of the green spaces that London has to offer as well. Beyond this I also have a passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. I also frequent my local gym plenty enough to call it a hobby.

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