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When is the right time to put up your Christmas tree?

Posted by Birchills on 08/11/2021
the right time to put up your Christmas tree

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, there’s no right or wrong answer but everyone seems to have a different date where it’s seen as acceptable to make a start.

Last year was unlike any other, with a last minute lockdown disrupting plans for households across the UK.

With the pandemic under better control in 2021, research suggests that Brits will be hitting the holidays even harder this year to make up for lost time with friends and family.

So, when is the right time to dress the tree?

Right after Halloween

Whilst too early for some, the putting away of pumpkins is the signal to switch gears and stage the room for the festive season.

Of those who opt for a post-Halloween set up, 22% find that decorating ahead of time relaxes them and 32% can get more excited for Christmas.*

Decorations are going up even earlier this year

Online searches for Christmas items have surged by 225% on major consumer websites like Selfridges and John Lewis, with shoppers keen to purchase lights, wreaths and trees before the risk of them selling out.**

Are you looking to sell or list your property before the end of 2021?

Even if there’s a small possibility you’d be looking to get your home market-ready before the new year, it would be recommended to hold off the decorations until you’ve had your home appraised and the marketing photos taken, as these could date your property on the market.

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