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The key home trends across 2021 and 2022

Posted by Birchills on 03/12/2021
The key home trends across 2021 and 2022
With 2022 on the horizon, you might already be thinking ahead to next year, whether that’s re-decorating a room, renovating a property or simply wanting to add some finishing touches to a space in your home.
In order to plan ahead, we’ve put together some of the key interior home trends that have emerged out of 2021 and what we think you’ll begin to see in the following few months.
Top trends of 2021
Looking back over this year, we saw many choose to add eye-catching furniture and bold murals, as well as snippets of more traditional materials like gingham and linen.
Going bold
With countless lockdowns, many of us were bored of being boring and wanted to bring the brightness inside.
Bold colours, feature walls, textured walls and neon lightings were all popular choices, adding a pop of colour to bring our homes to life.
One of the biggest trends to make its way through 2021 was adding panelling walls, giving a more traditional charm to rooms.
Using architectural panels helps featureless walls stand out from the rest in a subtle yet stylish way.
Bringing the outside in
We filled our homes with plants and gave our furniture a natural makeover.
In came more natural materials, including bamboo, wicker, rattan and cane, with many favouring bringing outside elements into their homes.
Emerging trends for 2022
With sustainability a high focus at the end of 2021, it’s no doubt that this will run into 2022 and is reflected in our behaviour and elements when looking to decorate our homes.
Italian icons
Marble and granite were the standout surfaces of choice for 2021, but moving into 2022, terrazzo has seen a surge in demand, predicted to be hot next year.
Black accents
A great way of adding edge and depth to minimal spaces is black accents and hardware.
Choosing light and neutral colours for the main elements of your space and then adding black to certain features such as lamps, handles, radiators and tables is a great way of adding contrast to space.
More vintage than ever
With many shifting their focus to the environment, vintage finds are a greener choice.
Not only is shopping vintage a more efficient and sustainable option, but they can add personality to your home too.
Looking to make a change next year?
There’s no doubt that all the trends we’ve seen over the past year and those to come are great ways of bringing spaces to life, but it’s clear that the environment and sustainability will play a huge part in people’s decisions and choices in 2022.
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