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How to make the most of a galley kitchen

Posted by Birchills on 26/05/2022

A galley kitchen is built for functionality; everything you need is within arm’s reach, and a meal can be prepared without much running about. However, it’s common for galley kitchens to lack space. 

Read on to find out how to make the most of a galley kitchen.  

Layout options 

If you have the space for it, a small island is a great addition to a kitchen area – plus, you can never have too much storage room! If you do not have enough space for an island, a pull-out prep space is a great solution that can neatly fold away once you have finished. 

Can storage be maximised? 

Smart storage units are a great investment to maximise the available storage space. While taller units provide more storage, they can give the feeling of being crowded. Waist-height storage units create a roomy feel with the ability to easily view the contents. 

Save space 

Make the most of the space you have and try to save as much as possible. Sliding doors that slip into slots in the wall are a great way to start saving space. Pull-out draws are also an effective and easy-to-use storage solution compared to cupboards. 

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